Armed and Unarmed Security Guards ServicesNJ Security Guard Company

Hometown Security LLC offers both armed and unarmed security guard services. All security officers are required by New Jersey State Police to be S.O.R.A. Certified (Security Officer Registration Act) that includes required institutional classes and an extensive background check.

All our officers are S.O.R.A. certified, fully trained by our supervisory staff and provided site-specific training. They can patrol and monitor all types of premises and are ready to respond quickly and effectively in any situation.

Our armed security officers go through several comprehensive weapons training classes as well as obtaining qualification certifications yearly.

Every Security Officer is dressed in full Class A Police style uniform (or appropriate attire requested).

Hometown Security LLC:

  • Utilizes proactive security measures
  • Maintains an active roster of law enforcement and military personnel
  • Seamlessly incorporates logistics and asset management
  • Utilizes our unique experience at providing elite protection
  • Maintains a mission dedicated infrastructure

Our Clientele:

New Jersey Hotels, Residential Properties, Retail Locations, Office Buildings, Construction Sites, Houses of Worship, Community Centers, Cemeteries, Warehouses, Financial Institutions, Healthcare Facilities as well as covering Special Events. We also offer high-quality concierge services.