Mobile Patrol Services


Nwq Jersey Patrolling Security GuardsIt’s often vital that security is easily identifiable on your property so residents, employees, guests and visitors know that your property has security on-site. A mobile patrol with security markings and lights offers a strong visual deterrence.   Hometown Security can provide on-site mobile security to meet your specific needs.  We offer dedicated vehicles that are fully marked with company insignia and strobe lights.

Mobile security officers are better able to respond quickly to incidents on property.  It only takes a couple minutes to respond in a car an officer is already driving.  They are also better able to patrol the area in inclement weather that would keep a guard on foot patrol from effective surveillance.

Each mobile patrol Security Officer maintains  daily activity logs in which they are required to report all activity/incidents that occur during their shift.  We can also provide GPS tracking service so you can see where your security detail is at all times.