Hometown Security LLC serves Essex County, NJ

If you are looking for security services in Essex county you have come to the right place! With over 75+ years of combined experience in law enforcement and military background we are adept in understanding your needs and customizing solutions for you. We offer a range of services from armed security guards, front desk security to private investigators. Even though we are still growing we pay close attention to who we hire so we can serve you well. All our guards are well trained, certified and mostly come from previous law enforcement backgrounds. In addition, we try to match security officers that are local to Essex county to offer personalization when available. Call us today and we discuss more!

About Essex County

Essex county is the third most populated county in the state of New Jersey as of 2017. Its county seat is Newark, the most populous city in the state. Its location makes it part of the New York Metropolitan Area. Eastern regions of Essex county tend to be poorer and more urbanized when compared to western parts. The wide eastern region has significant pockets of high population and high crime rates.