Our company is a provider of armed or unarmed security guards, concierge/doorman, private investigators, mobile patrols, and fire watch guards. Read more about all our services.

NJ Security Guards SORA certified


We maintain an active roster of S.O.R.A. Certified Security Officers that have law enforcement and/or military personnel background.


We are security guard company based out of Matawan, NJ. We know our communities and neighborhoods very well. Securing you is our top priority. Learn more about us and read our reviews.

Hometown Security LLC – a reliable security guard company in NJ.

Our goal has been to be one of the best security guard companies in NJ and we feel we are fulfilling this with our stellar service.

Hometown Security LLC has been providing unarmed and armed security guard services since 2002. Our protective services include private investigation, background screening, special events security, roving security, fire watch guards, concierge personnel and more. We are licensed and insured.

We serve a wide range of clients including hotels, senior living facilities, construction/cleanup sites, retail operations, houses of worship, banks, warehouses, office buildings and various other types of businesses.

Unlike other security guard companies, Hometown Security:

  • Treats each customer as if they were our only customer
  • Provides customer service which is individually tailored to your needs
  • Develops site specific procedures and SOP’s (Standard Operations Procedures)
  • Employs trained personnel, many with law enforcement and military backgrounds
  • Employs English speaking and Bi-Lingual personnel
  • Conducts extensive background checks on all employees
  • Ensures all security officers are SORA certified
  • Positions security to prevent ANY and ALL access to location

Nationwide, organizations are implementing systems to assure peace of mind. Don’t you want to offer the same level of protection to your employees and clientele? With Hometown Security, you can.

So, give us a call today!

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